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One of the problems with a society that worships its celebrities, is that they hold them to this superhuman standard. We force this standard, one that we can generally not achieve ourselves, and we then flog them into submission when they bleed human blood.

I’ve always felt that a celebrity’s personal life is irrelevant to their public life. If Michael Jackson did actually have sex with children (though I don’t think he did), it has no effect on how I hear “Billie Jean.” Tiger Woods’ infidelity has nothing to do with his golf swing. And Brad Pitt diddling whoever does not change the opinion I hold over some of his better roles.

The only celebrity I’ve ever pictured Tyler Durden boning is Helena Bonham Carter.

I am not surprised by the media’s tabloid obsession with the Tiger Woods sex-scandal. But I am slightly offended by it.

The number of men in this country who cheat on their wives is staggering. Some don’t respect their significant others, some just plain like fucking, and some just can’t help but go with that primitive urge. You know, the one that tells us to bang as many ladies as possible.

So let’s turn the tables and again point the finger of blame where it belongs…

Isn’t that how procreation works, media? You loved Tiger Woods before. You thought he was a great guy, a 14-time champion, an all-around noble human being. Wouldn’t you want him to go out there and make a bunch more baby Tiger Woodses? Consider that, perhaps, you told him with your genuine fascination, you told him he was above other humans. He had some powers that were great and needed to be shared with the rest of the world. So it’s understandable then that his human mind would bungle this information and tell his penis to stick itself into whatever vagina would have it. Makes sense to me.

So wait to go media, you’re an adulterer. You give your undying love to Tiger and years later, you take it away. I hope you have a hefty prenup…

…no I don’t.

The media has systematically destroyed Woods’ shot at redemption, and then they complain of his calculated rebuttal.

It is beyond ridiculous to expect this much from the celebrity you helped to deify. Tiger Woods was never a god, but merely a gifted golfer. He cheated on his wife several times. Those problems can be dealt with without the help of tabloid media.

You brand a celebrity couple with a stupid name like Brangelina, then you wet yourself when said relationship fails?

Let go, America. If every single man who cheated on his wife or had sex without love was made to be run through the ringer the way Tiger Woods has, this wouldn’t be an issue.

It’s a sad situation, I will agree. A man being forced into family life to preserve his image. Then that family life and image being devastated. Who built this system?

I was a golfer, too. But more importantly, I was President! And that makes infidelity okay.

It’s no wonder America is a dying nation.