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Tag Archives: Sarah Palin (again)

She’s back and at it again. Sarah Palin and co. just won’t shut her yap about the proper use of the word (only the word itself wasn’t used this time) “retard.”

Sarah Palin is a fucking retard.

-Stephen Colbert

When Rush Limbaugh calls a group gathering to debate the proper usage of the word “retard” a “retard summit,” Palin calls this satire. When Family Guy features a female character (who is retarded and whose father was an accountant and whose mother was former governor of Alaska) it is heartless.

Let’s be fair. I watched the episode in question, which aired Valentine’s Day. Like the past four years of Family Guy, it was unfunny. But it was also unoffensive.

The character spoke like a retard, but her words were coherent. She wasn’t drooling. And she didn’t harbor an obsession with pretzels, Disney Land or ice cream. It is my understanding that retards love those things.

Instead, the character was cruel and spiteful. Without reason, she was demeaning.

But this was not the focus of Sarah Palin and co.’s anger. Because the girl said her father was an accountant and her mother was the former governor of Alaska, it was clearly an attack on Sarah Palin’s retarded son, Trig, who actually is retarded. I mean, Trig is a male 2-year old, and the Family Guy character is a female teenager. Clearly, it’s understandable why Palin and co. would make that obvious association.

No, they weren’t upset that the girl was mean. They were upset that she had Down’s Syndrome. If you hadn’t noticed, Sarah Palin has appointed herself Ambassador to all things Retarded.

And that makes sense.

When I say "Retard Summit," I mean "Palin Household."

It’s a common problem with Palin – her inserting herself into situations that don’t really involve her. Or she worsens them with her involvement. Remember the David Letterman scandal? How she assumed that anyone and everyone knew which members of Palin and co. were in tow? How she demanded apology?

If Sarah Palin wants the insults to stop flying, she need do only one of two things:

A. Stop being a fucking retard.


B. Go away.

Our liberal media is funny that way. They tend to notice if someone is being a fucking retard. And they tend to notice if someone has just gone away. Eventually, the jokes will go away, too.

As Stephen Colbert so poignantly pointed out, Sarah Palin is a fucking retard. And it’s okay for us to say so, because it is satirical.

And while I’m at it…

As much as I dislike the past four seasons of Family Guy (or so) I hope neither Seth MacFarlane or any of the writers apologize the way David Letterman had to. There is nothing to be sorry for…

Sarah Palin is a fucking retard.

-Stephen Colbert