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We are a self-obsessed nation. This is not news. One trip through anyone’s personal profile on any one of the social networking sites will turn up hundreds of needless pictures from that person’s life. They’ve uploaded them for the approval of some unknown entity, I’m sure. Some are duplicates or near-duplicates. Some are blurry beyond all recognition…

I’ve never pretended to be a good photographer. Truth be told, I’ve always contended that I’m a rather poor photographer. For my needs, I’d much rather describe a situation. I mean, whatever happened to good old-fashioned imagery, anyway? I prefer a well-written personal recollection of an event to a snapshot, any day.

What is strangest to me, perhaps, is seeing pictures of people I know personally – these pictures being an obvious fraud of their reality. And I think that, really, this is the reason there is such a prevalence of this ‘internet photography.’

The internet proved itself a long time ago to be a safe haven for the socially maladjusted and those too inadequate to ever find themselves trying to be a real person.

So now, instead of individuals randomly skewering each others’ political leanings and favorite forms of entertainment via message boards, we’ve got a surge of people with photographed proof of what they are. An uncommitted, flunky, too-young-to-care parent can become mom of the year. The boring and lame are suddenly party animals. Hold a guitar, and you’re Eddie Van Halen.

In case you can't visualize a drunken haze...

We can doctor ourselves into anything we want to be now, in this new internet-environment. I am aware that people haven’t been real for a while now. And I am aware that this is never going to change. I am still bothered by it. Because I look back and think, well maybe that person read me incorrectly or maybe they didn’t know I was making fun of them or whatever… I would venture to guess that roughly 98% of my behavior is mockery. The other 2% is probably me being sleepy.

That point is moot. What I’m suggesting is that people have gone so far overboard on trying to force down the throats of others what they are or are not, that they don’t even exist as people anymore. A copy of a copy of a copy of a… Do you even remember what you are? I guess it all comes down to self-awareness. If you don’t even care to take a decent picture before you add thousands, taken seconds apart, to your Facebook page, then why the hell would anyone care to look at them? Unless of course, they’re for your benefit, in which case your time might be better spent taking a photography class or…something.

I have no intention of seeing Avatar.

One of my favorite things about being a living breathing person, is knowing that there are other people out there, being people. More and more, I see our culture becoming more and more identity-less. It’s not comforting, in the least. I do find myself with a better understanding of why I identify with cats, and dogs, and even children. Cats and dogs don’t pretend (if they do, they don’t broadcast it), and when children do, it’s the real kind of pretend.

My boyfriend left this over. Because I'm pictured with it, I am a musician just like Justin Timberlake!

Yes, we are becoming former-people, a race so focused on perceived image that we’ve lost all contact with the details of reality. It works out well for James Cameron, no matter how you look at it. I mean, that’s pretty much the plot to every single one of his movies, right? Eh, I guess no one else is getting hurt. Who really looks at this shit, after all?

On behalf of humanity, I will grudgingly welcome the new robot overlords.