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Awful lot of anti-Islam rhetoric and protest going on lately. Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of that one thing that happened nine years ago. Something about some angry Muslims, some planes, leveling some of the New York skyline…I don’t recall.

But whatever happened there, some other (not so angry) Muslims want to build a mosque and cultural center very near that same location.

Good. I think they should.

There is a lot wrong with America. A lot. One of those things is hypocrisy. Some guy in Florida wanted to hold a massive Qur’an burning. Many others don’t want the mosque to be built and are protesting accordingly.

We talk ad nauseam about our precious freedoms that God and Ben Franklin sat down and scripted a billion years ago…

That whole kite/key/lightning thing? Actually a telephone to God. P.S. You're welcome

It seems to me we would want to show the world how much we love those freedoms. You know, like freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression. We could say, “You know what, who cares what 19 Islamic anomalies did oh-so many years ago?”

Despite all my side-stepping of the issue and my inherent need to not take some historic events seriously, we do have a problem. No matter what, this will not end well. I can understand how some might perceive the endeavor as all of Islam thumbing their noses at us. Really, I can. But I’m also capable of the bigger understanding. The one that ends with, “Shit happens.”

There are bad apples everywhere. A certain Florida christian, for instance… And they will always spoil the bunch. If others could take a step back, stop and think about why such an act really offends them, they might come to some other conclusion, one that doesn’t end in them blaspheming an entire religion. A religion that wants to be our friends. And believe me, right now is a really good time to accept that friendship. We’re gonna need it…


She’s back and at it again. Sarah Palin and co. just won’t shut her yap about the proper use of the word (only the word itself wasn’t used this time) “retard.”

Sarah Palin is a fucking retard.

-Stephen Colbert

When Rush Limbaugh calls a group gathering to debate the proper usage of the word “retard” a “retard summit,” Palin calls this satire. When Family Guy features a female character (who is retarded and whose father was an accountant and whose mother was former governor of Alaska) it is heartless.

Let’s be fair. I watched the episode in question, which aired Valentine’s Day. Like the past four years of Family Guy, it was unfunny. But it was also unoffensive.

The character spoke like a retard, but her words were coherent. She wasn’t drooling. And she didn’t harbor an obsession with pretzels, Disney Land or ice cream. It is my understanding that retards love those things.

Instead, the character was cruel and spiteful. Without reason, she was demeaning.

But this was not the focus of Sarah Palin and co.’s anger. Because the girl said her father was an accountant and her mother was the former governor of Alaska, it was clearly an attack on Sarah Palin’s retarded son, Trig, who actually is retarded. I mean, Trig is a male 2-year old, and the Family Guy character is a female teenager. Clearly, it’s understandable why Palin and co. would make that obvious association.

No, they weren’t upset that the girl was mean. They were upset that she had Down’s Syndrome. If you hadn’t noticed, Sarah Palin has appointed herself Ambassador to all things Retarded.

And that makes sense.

When I say "Retard Summit," I mean "Palin Household."

It’s a common problem with Palin – her inserting herself into situations that don’t really involve her. Or she worsens them with her involvement. Remember the David Letterman scandal? How she assumed that anyone and everyone knew which members of Palin and co. were in tow? How she demanded apology?

If Sarah Palin wants the insults to stop flying, she need do only one of two things:

A. Stop being a fucking retard.


B. Go away.

Our liberal media is funny that way. They tend to notice if someone is being a fucking retard. And they tend to notice if someone has just gone away. Eventually, the jokes will go away, too.

As Stephen Colbert so poignantly pointed out, Sarah Palin is a fucking retard. And it’s okay for us to say so, because it is satirical.

And while I’m at it…

As much as I dislike the past four seasons of Family Guy (or so) I hope neither Seth MacFarlane or any of the writers apologize the way David Letterman had to. There is nothing to be sorry for…

Sarah Palin is a fucking retard.

-Stephen Colbert

I could bitch about Sarah Palin until I turn blue. She is about the worst example of a human being that there is.


At what point does a person become a representative of their chosen “whatever?”

I happen to believe that an individual who appoints him or herself head of the committee to decide the appropriate usage of the “N-Word,” to be the racist. And the person who thinks they can decide the appropriate usage of the word “retard” is the retard.

Sarah Palin is the lowest common denominator.

I know many people identify with her. But it is only because they are so very stupid. She does not represent anyone. Remember that. And we will all be okay.

Following the State of the Union address, the annual speech where Presidents try to convince us we’re not fucked, Chris Matthews (political commentator for MSNBC) uttered the now infamous remark, “I forgot he was black.”

This was of course in reference to our Commander-in-Chief. He’s a black guy, in case you, like Chris Matthews, forgot.

Many have been struggling to interpret the meaning of Matthews’ statement. The general conclusion seems to be that he meant, light-heartedly, that Barack Obama is so articulate, one might forget his heritage. According to Harry Reid, Obama lacks that “Negro dialect,” and that is why most have presumed Matthews’ context to be racist.

This assumption is rested on the idea that being black is a disadvantage, a handicap to be overcome. I wonder, do any of the legions of black men forced to serve prison sentences for crimes they didn’t commit think that their skin color might have been a handicap when the verdict came down?

Chris Matthews insists that he meant to suggest Obama has helped our country to transcend racism, just by being a competent President who happens to be black. Well, half-black, a point made by Harry Reid ages ago, when he suggested Obama’s dilluted blackness made him more electable.

News flash: Being so touchy on the race issue doesn’t help to transcend it. The fact is, America will never fully transcend race, and we shouldn’t expect to. There’s nothing wrong with noticing someone is a different color than you. Sometimes I look to the sky and notice that not all of the clouds look the same. Some are jagged. Some are white. Some are gray. Some are black. But they’re all clouds. My noticing their differences doesn’t suggest anything other than the fact that I’m observant. There was no inherent preference.

To that extent, we are all racist.

If there was any deeper meaning to be found in Chris Matthews’ statement, I think it might just be even more innocent than he intended. “We are all created equal. It’s in the constitution. Finally, we have a President that actually makes that seem true.”

When Barack Obama was elected, I rejoiced. I felt a part of some massive accomplishment for America. We ended World War II, we were a key negotiator in the Treaty of Versaille, we overcame the most intricate terrorist attack in history, etc. Bah, we’ve bungled every one of our accomplishments.

I thought maybe this time would be different. I thought maybe we would come to the national realization that it’s okay to notice that someone is different than you.

It becomes not okay when you use that platform, that instinctive observance, for reasons that are not just. If Obama gained the Presidency simply because he was black, then that is wrong. If he lost it simply because he was black, then that is wrong. I choose to believe he was elected wisely, but for the wrong reasons. But I may be wrong, as many other white people have been. (Hitler, Napoleon, Christopher Columbus, et al.)

Am I racist? You bet I am. Is Chris Matthews racist? Undoubtedly. Does pointing out Matthews racist comment just to attach some unintentional meaning to it make you not racist? Not on your life.

We need to be okay with these things. We need to accept our human nature. They say we’re all pink in the middle and that we all bleed the same blood.

If Obama weren’t our first black President (after 232 years of white dudes), this wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

These white dudes had sex with interns.

Then they say things like this, and I grow confused about what they really mean. Looking for others to be racist makes you just as guilty of racism. I’m talking to you Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Peace and love…