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Awful lot of anti-Islam rhetoric and protest going on lately. Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of that one thing that happened nine years ago. Something about some angry Muslims, some planes, leveling some of the New York skyline…I don’t recall.

But whatever happened there, some other (not so angry) Muslims want to build a mosque and cultural center very near that same location.

Good. I think they should.

There is a lot wrong with America. A lot. One of those things is hypocrisy. Some guy in Florida wanted to hold a massive Qur’an burning. Many others don’t want the mosque to be built and are protesting accordingly.

We talk ad nauseam about our precious freedoms that God and Ben Franklin sat down and scripted a billion years ago…

That whole kite/key/lightning thing? Actually a telephone to God. P.S. You're welcome

It seems to me we would want to show the world how much we love those freedoms. You know, like freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression. We could say, “You know what, who cares what 19 Islamic anomalies did oh-so many years ago?”

Despite all my side-stepping of the issue and my inherent need to not take some historic events seriously, we do have a problem. No matter what, this will not end well. I can understand how some might perceive the endeavor as all of Islam thumbing their noses at us. Really, I can. But I’m also capable of the bigger understanding. The one that ends with, “Shit happens.”

There are bad apples everywhere. A certain Florida christian, for instance… And they will always spoil the bunch. If others could take a step back, stop and think about why such an act really offends them, they might come to some other conclusion, one that doesn’t end in them blaspheming an entire religion. A religion that wants to be our friends. And believe me, right now is a really good time to accept that friendship. We’re gonna need it…


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